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Go to the 'I Vote Israel' Facebook page to learn about Israeli Democracy and VOTE in a mock election!

The upcoming Israeli elections are a perfect opportunity to educate your campus about Israeli democracy and diversity. 

     Join the "I Vote Israel" campaign. Learn about the Israeli political parties directly from Israeli students via short YouTube videos and materials, and then cast a 'vote' for the party with which you identify on an interactive Facebook webpage.


The upcoming Israeli elections on March 17th are a perfect opportunity to learn about Israeli democracy and diversity. The Israeli democractic system allows a wide range of political parties and views to participate in the elections, showcasing the vast difference in opinions within Israel, as well as a vibrant democratic system that allows all of those voices to be heard. Hasbara Fellowships' "I Vote Israel" Campaign is the perfect way to educate your campus community about Israel's democracy and diversity.
The Campaign:
In addition to highlighting Israeli democracy and diversity, the "I Vote Israel" campaign showcases Israelis who are engaged in the political process. Instead of focusing on the actual politicians (who are often not popular in Israel or North America), the campaign showcases young, relatable Israelis who each support a different political party in Israel.
In addition, students can actually vote in a mock election to choose the party they most identify with!
The "I Vote Israel" Campaign includes the following elements:
  1. Short videos of young Israelis that support different Israeli parties, allowing students on your campus to understand the diversity of Israelis in the political process. The videos can be shared on social media and showed on campus.
  2. A mock election where students can vote for the Israeli political party they most identify with. Results for each University, as well as total results across North America, will be calculated. The participating campus that casts the most votes will receive a $500 programming grant! You can see the voting page here (still being updated for the 2015 election). 
  3. Display materials and postcards (shown below) about the various young Israelis who each support a different political party. The campaign also includes materials about Israeli democracy and diversity. Campuses are encouraged to use the materials at informational tables on campus to spark conversations and engage students.
  4. A Facebook page that has links to more in-depth information about Israeli democracy, the various party platforms, and current news related to the election.
  5. An online discussion board where students can post "What Israel Means to Me", allowing everyone to share their personal connection to Israel.
  6. Campuses are encouraged to organize programming in conjunction with the upcoming elections. Speakers about Israeli democracy and the elections can be brought to campus, including from the local Israeli Consulates. An election results viewing party can be a fun way to conclude the campaign. Be in touch with your Hasbara Fellowships Regional Advisor for programming ideas, as well as implementation support including potential grants.
    • One program Hasbara Fellowships & WZO are offering is "Monopolity", a life-size game board and simulation of the political parties and issues in Israel today. It is a fun, interactive game that explores the system of government in Israel and the complexities of Israeli Society. Click here for more information about the game, and here to see a video of the game. The first 5 campuses that sign-up will receive it for free!
The "I Vote Israel" campaign will be running in campuses across North American from March 9-15.  


Materials included in campaign:


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Baruch College SUNY Stony Brook
Boston College Temple University
Boston University Touro College
Brandeis University University of California, Berkeley
Brooklyn College University of California, Davis
Cal Poly Pomona University of California, Irvine
California State University University of California, Los Angeles
Carleton University University of California, San Diego
Clark University University of California, Santa Barbara
Columbia University University of Central Florida
Drake University University of Georgia
Emory University University of Iowa
Florida Atlantic University University of Maryland
Georgia Institute of Technology University of Miami
Georgia State University University of Minnesota
Hunter College University of Nebraska
Indiana University University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Ohio University University of Oregon
Ohio State University University of Rochester
Rutgers University University of Southern California
Ryerson University University of Texas, San Antonio
San Francisco State University University of Toronto
San Jose State University University of Washington
SUNY Binghamton York University
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