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Israel Peace Week (IPW) is a grassroots initiative to counter anti-Israel propaganda with a simple, positive message: Israel wants peace and has demonstrated its willingness to make painful sacrifices for peace. The campaign also outlines options for peace, existential threats to the Jewish state, and the values and accomplishments of a thriving Israeli democracy in an otherwise despotic region.

1) Sign Up Your Campus
Each campus is different, and it's up to you to decide how you would like to participate in the initiative. The most important part is showing your support by making sure YOUR CAMPUS is signed up to participate. Sign Up Here!
2) Tabling
Show your campus that pro-Israel students want peace! There are many creative ways to table on campus, and here is how Hasbara Fellowships can help:
- Tabling Materials: Hasbara Fellowships can send you Israel Peace Week posters, postcards, t-shirts, a Israel Flag, banner, and more!
3) Social Media
Participate in the Israel Peace Week Social Media Campaign!
a)"Like" the Israel Peace Week Facebook page and "Follow" IsraelPeaceWeek on Twitter.
b) Make sure you group tags #IsraelPeaceWeek in al your group activities and in all posts about Israel and Peace.
c) Enter your campus in the Israel Peace Week Photo Contest: Take a picture with students from your campus holding up the white boards, provided in your IPW campaign package, with what Peace Means to them. Send the picture in a message to Israel Peace Week on Facebook - your campus could be featured online and win a prize!
(*Please make sure all picures are clear, bright and are appropriate for online use).
4) Programming
Host a program for your campus communitty or for your Israel group. Our Hasbara Fellowships Regional Advisor can help you with programming and connect you with other resources. We're here to help!
a) Hasbara Fellowships can provide discussion topics and help you facilitate a coversation with your pro-Israel group about the path to peace.
b) Host a fundraiser for the Peres Center for Peace. You can take a look at their initiatives to bring Palestinians and Israelis together:
c) Integrate Peace into your regularly scheduled group meetings and events. Having an Israel Shabbat? How about making it an Israel Peace Shabbat? Hosting a speaker? Talk about how peace means freedom and rights for everyone!
d) Peace means...Teaching Peace. Put on a presentation from Palestinian Media Watch and show your group that teaching hatred is the real obstacle to peace. Contact Hasbara Fellowships to receive this presentation.
e) Host a film screening of 'Israel Inside': click here to order.
g) Grant: Hasbara Fellowships is offering a $100 Programming/Tabling grant that can be used to purchase fundraising, tabling supplies and giveaways (Past Giveaways: "Peace Pancakes", "Peace-es of Pie", "Give Peace a Shot!"). Anything that can engage your campus and help spread your message. Get creative!
5) Campus Media
a) Publish an op-ed.
b) Send press releases to get media coverage.
c) Share published articles and op-eds with Hasbara Fellowships.



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